This Emirati Duo Are Continuing Their Road Trip From China To Japan!

Mayar Ibrahim

The exciting journey of Emirati duo Sultan Al Nahdi and Saeed Alteneeji is not done! They are continuing their epic road trip from China to Japan then East Asia.

If you’ve been following the epic journey of this Emirati duo then you know they reached China after 40 days on the road

Their initial plan was to head to China and end the trip there, but things changed! Sultan and Saeed decided to continue their trip and head over to Japan but to do that they had to ship their cars there. So, how did they end up going there? By plane!

emirati duo

Sultan climbed into his orange Toyota truck, with Saeed following behind in his Nissan Safari

This is how they kick-started their journey from Abu Dhabi to China. Their route took them through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and finally China. This epic journey spanned 40 days and covered 16,160 km from the capital of the UAE to China. However, they decided the journey doesn’t end at China, so stay tuned for the rest of their epic adventure through Japan and East Asia!


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