A Popular Dubai Resto Banned Delivery Drivers From Sitting On Its Chairs


Delivery drivers are the backbone of this country! They tirelessly ride around the city ensuring orders are delivered on time, having to deal with multiple complications all the while. From having to deal with the delivery app and coordinating with restaurants to traffic, the intense HEAT, punctuality and then customers.

These unsung heroes do not get half the appreciation they truly deserve, thus when incidents such as this come to light, we stop and realize that we as a society are failing and undermining those we should be supporting the most.

Over the weekend, a video showing a note to delivery drivers by a popular resto in Dubai was being widely shared on social media.

The note was addressed to all drivers and read “not allowed to sit down on the chairs”

Following the circulation of the video, the restaurant in question received immense backlash from netizens for their dehumanising behaviour towards delivery drivers.


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The video was reshared on Instagram by bara2x and her strongly-worded caption condoned this sort of disrespect and called for a conversation regarding the treatment of delivery drivers

The same way you praised Talabat for their performative campaign for palestine, I want to see the same energy for the delievery workers.
If you live here you would always see the riders standing outside restaurants or lying on any grassy/semi shaded spot to rest.
Why there’s no stations for them to rest in?”

She went on to mention how delivery platforms don’t care about their workers’ health and well-being, leading to the restaurants assuming this kind of behaviour is okay.

After receiving an intense adverse reaction, the resto shown in the video issued an apology on their Instagram stories and said they were handling this complaint with “immediate and high importance”

The Middle Eastern Street Food resto assured its customers that they will “avoid similar issues from happening in the future” 

“We don’t need any favour but we need some respect from restaurants staff”

A talabat delivery driver, (Prem10.06) commented on the original video and shared his plight over the disrespectful treatment that they often have to deal with.

Not only one restaurant all most all like this doing this us.

Social media was in absolute horror over this video that unmasked what delivery drivers have to put up with

One netizen added that,

This is sad, hope this doesn’t put the delivery guy at risk of losing his job for speaking up or filming.

The person who initially shared the video has deactivated their TikTok account for unknown reasons.

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