Abu Dhabi In The 1960s Is A Flash From The Past!

Mayar Ibrahim

Feeling nostalgic yet? These photos of Abu Dhabi in the 1960s are a flash from the past.

@Nlauae posted an image of Abu Dhabi in the 1960s on Twitter

The National Library and Archives of the UAE posted this image of the capital city in 1969.

Additionally, @albateen1 posted this aerial image of Abu Dhabi in the 1960s

This specific shot is Abu Dhabi in 1969. This image definitely reflects the marvelous changes Abu Dhabi has gone through.

Images of The Club in 1962 circulated online

A group of pioneering expatriates in 1962 founded The Club. Additionally, they situated The Club on land the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan donated to them. Over the span of 60 years, The Club welcomes more than 50,000 Abu Dhabi residents of 84 nationalities and no less.

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These photos of Abu Dhabi in the past with some comparison to the present will definitely spark a sense of nostalgia.

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