Abu Dhabi Police Returned AED18 Million To Victims Of Electronic Scams

AD Police scams

Online scams have gotten extremely elaborate. They’re looking more authentic by the day and that’s how people fall for the scam. They could be as simple as an email from an unknown sender to messages by a bank, asking you to confirm your identity.

Some have been robbed for small sums of money and others lost their savings. The reports that have been made of such scams, were sent to Abu Dhabi Police’s criminal security sector.

Abu Dhabi Police have responded to reports of financial fraud and rightfully returned AED18 million to victims of scams

Many of the scams targeted accounts at several local Abu Dhabi banks

It’s important to be vigilant when sharing confidential or personal information with others, particularly to unknown users. Confidential information such as account passwords, Emirates ID details and OTPs. It’s also important to check the email accounts, particularly if they claim to be an organisation, and avoid clicking links sent from strangers, even if they look harmless.

Authorities will continue to create awareness about the risks of financial fraud through online means.

In case you fall victim to such scams, report it to the Police at 8002626, or message the Police on 2828. You can also send an email to aman@adpolice.gov.ae or access the Aman service on the Abu Dhabi Police smart app.


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