Abu Dhabi Saves 450K Single-Use Plastic Bags Daily

Mayar Ibrahim

On June 1, Abu Dhabi announced a ban on plastic bags. A full year later, the city reported a 95% reduction as the city saved 450k single-use plastic bags daily.

According to EAD, the development of this policy further limits the consumption of single-use plastics products in the emirate. Therefore, it promotes a sustainable environment that puts a stop to climate-changing factors.

In an effort to reduce pollution and promote sustainability, Abu Dhabi saved 450k single-use plastic bags daily since the ban

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi announced that the city prevented the use of 172 million single-use bags. Moreover, the ban resulted in a 77% reduction in the weight of single-use plastic consumed.

That’s not all! The single-use plastic ban prevented approximately 272,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Additionally, this ban is in line with the European Commission’s (EC) 2020. The EC integrates a single-use plastic strategy which aims to phase out single-use Styrofoam cups, plates, and containers by 2024

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