This Adorable Doggo Flew Out From Dubai To Kerala For Its Owner’s Wedding


Who doesn’t love weddings? The food, the music, the endless partying – it’s all such good fun. One of the nicest things has to be the fact that all the family members get to come together once in a while to celebrate something great. And if a member is missing, sometimes, it’s just not the same.

This is exactly why an adorable doggo ‘Smurf’ hopped on a plane and travelled for nearly 37 hours to be with his owner Malavika Kurian on her special day

This seven-year-old Yorkshire Terrier was separated from his hoomans in Dubai after he wasn’t allowed on the emergency repatriation flight taken by Malavika and her mother Roopa Kurian. 

Airlines at the time were not allowing pets onboard and little Smurf had to be left at Malavika’s aunt’s care. But all is well in the dog universe now as the two are reunited and Malavika is all set to get married in December. 

Although it wasn’t the easiest task in the world and cost more than Rs.175,000 (over AED8000), Smurf made it safely to Kerela. 

While the doggo was staying in Dubai, his ticket and other clearances were made through Etihad Airways as he got on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Bengaluru from where he was sent on a road trip to  Kottayam with a responsible handler.

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