Authorities Rescued The Lives Of New Born Twins And Their Mother!

Mayar Ibrahim

Heroes! Abu Dhabi authorities rescued the lives of new born baby twins and their pregnant mother today, September 8. The air paramedics were concerned and provided the necessary medical care to all 3 lives.

Additionally, Abu Dhabi Police emphasised their goal. As they ensured their patients receive the latest equipment and ultimate care.

The authorities of the Abu Dhabi Police Aviation carried out 2 humanitarian missions today

The Abu Dhabi Police Aviation transported a medical team to help a pregnant mother suffering from difficulties. The team performed a c-section on the mother in Delma Island Hospital.

They also helped her deliver her twin babies. Additionally, they transported her twin children to Madinat Zayed Hospital in Al Dafra.

However, the team transported the deficient new born babies within incubators to Madinat Zayed Hospital.

Good news is, all 3 patients received the necessary urgent care required.

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