A Bryde’s Whale Washed Up Dead In Dubai


A Bryde’s whale washed up in the Jebel Ali canal today. It was already dead when it was found by the emergency teams from DP World, but when it was found was not revealed by authorities.

The whale was 12-metres long and weighed 15 tonnes, which revealed the species and allowed for precise conservation. It was determined that it was a Bryde’s whale.

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Experts from the Sharjah Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) and Zayed University moved the Bryde’s whale to a safe location to examine it further.


The initial investigations were not able to determine the cause of death of this Bryde’s whale

Samples were collected so that experts could learn about how whales live in this region and ultimately boost conservation efforts. The initial investigation revealed “no clear evidence of marine debris entanglement or ship strikes, nor was there any trace of food in the stomach,” authorities stated.

The purpose … is to identify the causes of death and for other scientific research purposes

Hana Al Suwaidi, chairwoman of EPAA said.

Although the cause of death isn’t conclusive, several parasites were found in several organs. Further texts like toxicology exams will be conducted.

Sightings of this type of whale in UAE waters are relatively rare and solid numbers are unavailable; however bryde’s whales are known to be active in the Arabian Gulf. A sighting of another Bryde’s whale was made by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, last year. In the year prior, the carcass of a Bryde’s whale washed up in Sharjah which urged for maritime and conversation authorities to uncover why whales were dying.

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