OPINION: Drones Could Possibly Take Over The City Of Dubai In The Near Future 


From photography, agriculture, crime patrolling, entertainment, military to even rain enhancing, drones are being utilized for every possible development and Dubai is absolutely reppin’ the flying remote-controlled robot to the T. Currently, the country is testing out passenger drone cars and drone deliveries that really push the narrative of the city being taken over by the mini aircrafts… soon it’ll be a flock of drones instead of birds & the reality deffo has its pros and cons.

Drone services will surely make life as we know it much more convenient, to say the least, but the reality of drones dominating the skies is eerie to even the most tech-obsessed. The thing with tech is that pros can easily turn into cons and vice versa, e.g. surveillance for security can transform into the absence of privacy altogether.

But first, let’s celebrate some of the path-breaking uses that Dubai has made of these flying robots…

Being one of the smartest cities in the world, it’s highly unlikely that Dubai won’t snatch the spotlight when it comes to unique ways to enhance the city with these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Most recently Dubai really showed off their expert drone navigating skills with an impressive drone show at JBR and Bluewaters Island during the Dubai Shopping Festival season!

The show was pulled off by more than 300 drones lighting up the night sky in synchronised shapes and images. Pretty mesmerizing NGL, could keep watching this for hours.


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Ahh remember when the city used UAS to sanitize the streets of Dubai back during peak COVID times?

Hundo per cent a genius idea and initiative by the local authorities.

Around the same time, the Dubai Police started using drones for surveillance and broadcasting

Drones equipped with cameras (that could photograph events in range) and loudspeakers were released into the city to ensure full compliance with COVID-regulations, as well as to help broadcast Dubai Police messages and announcements to the public. This too was during March last year, the peak COVID period, and although this was for purely precautionary purposes and was beneficial to both authorities and residents, you couldn’t help but freak out at the sight a little.

Drones patrolling the streets seemed like an unrealistic scene from a futuristic Sci-Fi movie… and now its legit happening outside our windows. Some things you just don’t know to feel about and this is one of them.

We’ve taken over the land, sea, air… (kinda) but now we’ll be dominating the air space too with “passenger drones”

You can’t deny that it’ll be a WICKED ride, super ‘grammable and zappy AF but imagine mini helicopter sized drones swarming the skies… not best sight very honestly.

Passenger drones, military and surveillance UAVs, rain-enhancing and seeding drones… with all this, it’s no shocker that we’ll eventually see Dubai being taken over by drones

At the end of the day, we knew technology was headed in this direction: robots, drones, flying cars, holograms… but it’s fascinating to know that the king od progressive and advanced future that we only saw in movies till now is slowly but surely becoming a reality.

“Enjoy all things in moderation” is an age-old saying that applies to technology as well, but alas science knows no bounds. And once we discover novel mechanics… there’s no going back from there.

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