Expect Cloud-Seeding Induced Rain To Hit The UAE This Weekend


The UAE is all set for dusty, humid and hot weather conditions in the days ahead.

And to combat the unfavourable heat as temps inch closer to 50ºC, the UAE’s Cloud Seeding Planes have been in motion over the past few days to induce more rain from the convective clouds.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), is the entity responsible for implementing cloud seeding operations across the UAE. The Centre boasts specialised expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising more than 100 meteorological stations, an integrated network of radars covering all parts of the country, and custom-designed aircraft to carry out cloud seeding operations, by firing salt flares into the cloud as salt naturally attracts water.

Hence, put a plug on your outdoor plans this weekend as heavy rain is expected to hit parts of the UAE

Watch The Lovin Dubai Show: The UAE’s Cloud Seeding Planes Are In Action To Induce Rain Over This Coming Weekend

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