Thrilling Footage Shows How Two Paragliders Circled Around The Palm Jumeirah


It seems like since the pandemic hit, a lot of us have taken on a rather ‘you only live once’ approach to many things.

Activities like zip-lining, scuba diving, and paragliding have been a thing of the masses- with everyone ready for a new adventure. Let’s face it, we’re in the perfect place for it too.

Two professional paragliders took to Palm Jumeirah in a paramotor, something that requires precision, patience and lots of skill (obvs) and the footage they got of the views are HEAVENLY!

The pair glided through Palm Jumeirah in an effortless manner


What a view!

The two maneuvered their way atop the Atlantis Hotel and the world’s largest fountain, located at The Pointe. 

Just imagine the feeling of gliding through with the BEST skyline views of the city.

Paramotoring does look like fun and you don’t need the skills, just the right professional to go with

The activity is becoming widely available in the region. If you’re looking to take a paramotor for a spin, there are a couple of places in Dubai you can try. It’s approximately AED1200 but SOOOO worth it!

Even Turkish chef CZN Burak took to the skies the other day and chopped aboard one. Chef Burak, founder of CZN Burak, is chopping onions and cutting up kunafeh up off the ground in a paramotor.

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