Madinat Zayed In The 90s Is Making Abu Dhabi Residents Feel Nostalgic

Mayar Ibrahim

It’s a blast from the past! Abu Dhabi residents started feeling nostalgic when this video of Madinat Zayed in the 90s resurfaced.

@ashraf_khan_afridi posted a video of Madinat Zayed in 1991 on TikTok

@ashraf_khan_afridi #uae #tiktok #ابوظبي🇦🇪 #foryou #duet #fyp #dubai2020 #foryoupage #khan #islamic_video #abudhabi ♬ original sound – Ashraf Khan Afridi

Residents of Abu Dhabi felt a sense of nostalgia when watching this video

They took to Instagram and commented about how the video sparked some memories of Abu Dhabi in the 90s. This video is the true meaning of “a blast from the past!”

@johanna_m105 comment states “the building is still there.”

Moreover, residents recognised the area instantly

They recognised the exact street the video took place in! While others reminisced their childhood. @godsuniquelight spoke about her childhood in the area, the hotel she grew up around, and how different the taxis were from back then. However, other people were a little too young but they still remembered the area from the 90s.

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