The “One Community Hand by Hand” Initiative Distributes Refreshments To Workers

Mayar Ibrahim

The “One Community Hand by Hand” is a joint initiative between Zayed Higher Organisation and Al Wahda Club Academy. They distribute juice and water to construction workers who work under the sun.

They celebrated World Humanitarian Day on August 19

“World Humanitarian Day” bears the slogan “One Hand Does Not Clap” in 2022. Additionally, this day is an opportunity to promote the values of love, tolerance, giving and human brotherhood.

The People of Determination and Al Wahda Academy use this initiative to teach young people. Furthermore, they teach them compassion and brotherhood. They also establish the values of humanity among the members of society. Finally, they teach the young members the important of humanitarian work.

The People of Determination and Al Wahda Academy under-13 juniors started the “One Community Hand by Hand” initiative

People of Determination and Al Wahda Academy under-13 juniors participated in this initiative. They gave our just and water to workers in some construction areas in Abu Dhabi in the Shahama area.

The Al Wahda Sports Club Academy confirmed that humanitarian work is a civilised approach. It is also the duty of every human being since all customs and revealed religions imbibed its importance.

The football players of the club participated in this process with the intention to achieve the purpose of the initiative. Additionally, this initiative plans to support and promote the integration of People of Determination into society.

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