People From All Over The World Are Booking Airbnb’s In Ukraine To Help Local Civilians


Airbnb chief executive Brian Chesky wrote on Twitter a fantastic update: “People are booking Airbnbs in Ukraine they don’t intend to stay in, just to help hosts.”

People from all over the world, including Dubai, are booking Airbnbs in Ukraine although they don’t intend to stay in it. They do so to help the hosts who are Ukrainian civilians

“In 48 hours, 61,406 nights have been booked in Ukraine. That’s $1.9 million going to hosts in need. Such a cool idea from our community. Thank you,” Chesky tweeted.

Image via @VxCybrgrl

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From all over the world, people are booking Airbnbs in Ukraine, and the same message is circulating on Instagram in the UAE

According to The National, a woman came up with the idea and booked a room in Kyiv as a way to send funds to the property’s host. Those who book then send a message to the host saying they will not be going but they’re doing it to send them help.

Dubai residents Sarah Fulton and Alex McAlpine (@plantbasedmamadxb) both have kick-started the initiative in Dubai and booked rooms in Kyiv for April. It cost them around AED364.

The hosts in Ukraine messaged back saying just how grateful they are

Airbnb has confirmed that they are waiving all guest and host fees on all bookings in Ukraine

Airbnb also has suspended operations in Russia and Belarus.

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