Petrol Prices In The UAE Are Seeing A Hike In April


It’s not an April Fools joke but effective Thursday April 1, 2021 petrol prices in the UAE will see a hike. The prices have been released today but the UAE Fuel Price Committee.

The fuel costs saw a hike for the first time in 12 months in March.

The petrol prices in the UAE for the month of March:

  • The cost of petrol went up by 21 fils per litre the first time in 12 months
  • Super 98 cost AED 2.12
  • Special 95 for AED 2.01
  • E-Plus at AED 1.93.
  • Diesel priced at AED 2.15 per litre (which saw an increase by 14 fils)

Petrol prices for April 2021 will see an increase by approximately 0.17 fils

  • Super 98 cost AED 2.29
  • Special 95 for AED 2.17
  • E-Plus at AED 2.10
  • Diesel priced at AED 2.22 per litre

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