This Photographer Captured Abu Dhabi In A Strikingly Beautiful Way

Mayar Ibrahim

Khalid Al Hammadi, a visual artist and photographer captured Abu Dhabi in a strikingly beautiful way. As a bonus, he shared those images online!

On his socials, @khd_uae, the photographer captured Abu Dhabi in an ethereal way

Just look at this GORGEOUS reel of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque surrounded by clouds.

Moreover, photographer Khaled Al Hammadi captured the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with lightning striking in the background

There is nothing more beautiful than the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. So, just look at how stunning the Sheikh Zayed Mosque looks with lightning in the background!

Khaled Al Hammadi shared a reel of a spectacular moment in the city

The calm before the storm! The talented visual artist caught this moment on camera. From a calm sunset to a swirling storm of clouds.


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