The Kris Fade Show Give Their Verdict On The BEST Pizza Resto In All Of The UAE!


*This Kris Fade Show: Best Pizza in the UAE!*

Writing an article about pizza without salivating like MAD… urmm IMPOSSIBLE. So bear with me as I write this with drool flooding down my face.🙃

The Kris Fade Show was on a hunt for the BEST pizza in the UAE and your votes have decided the numero uno pizzeria in town.

A drumroll for the verdict pleaseeeeeeeee!

At #1 we have the Italian pizzeria, Pulcinella resto!!!!

From vegetarian and vegan opts, the resto serves just about everything under the sun e.g. Mediterranean, European, Neapolitan, Campania and Southern-Italian cuisine.

This resto has only seen raving reviews claiming that it feels like you’re walking into Naples when you enter Pulcinella. Friendly vibes, accommodating, swift service and an authentic menu that offers a wide array of southern Italian dishes.

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To give their menu a glance, click here.

Located in Dubai Sports City, Pulcinella was ranked number one among Pinsanity, Uptown Pizza & Burger, Papa John’s, Pinza, Slim Thicc by Vibe, The Pizza Club, 800 Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pulcinella and Domino’s!

Thus far, High Joint (best burger), DRVN Coffee (best coffee), Gymnation (best gym), Pulcinella (best pizza) have made it onto the Kris Fade Show’s Hall of Fame, thas on the search for the BEST of the best in the UAE!

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