These 4 GCC Attractions Are A Must Visit


Looking for summer plans and making travel plans? Look no further, all the attractions you need are closer to home than you think! Here are 4 GCC attractions you simply cannot miss this summer:

4. Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum – Qatar

For the true sport fanatic! If you’re into the value and positive impact of sports, its origins, development, and culture in Qatar and beyond – this museum is for you.

What? This museum is like no other! Here you’ll find loads of interactive displays and fascinating artifacts that’ll keep every member of the family entertained.

Where? Khalifa International Stadium, Aspire Zone

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3. Maraya Concert Hall – KSA

This record breaking building is a must visit

What? This stunning mirrored structure will mesmerize you at first sight! Before you stop and take a million insta-worthy shots don’t forget to pause and explore the beautiful Al Ula landscapes and enter inside to check out the venue that hosted world renowned celebs such as Enrique Iglesias!

Where? Maraya Concert Hall, Al Ula

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2. Qasr Al Watan Light Show – Abu Dhabi UAE

Abu Dhabi visitors don’t miss this epic live show!

What? Not only does Qasr Al Watan have an epic light show, it also has a stunning interior to explore and will give you a chance to explore role of majlises in the UAE whilst you take in the absolutely impeccable décor and different Insta-worthy spots along your tour.

Where? Qasr Al Wattan, The presidential palace, Abu Dhabi

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1. Infinity des Lumieres museum – Dubai UAE

This museum takes looking at art to a whole new level!

What? Dive into a sensory art experience that brings works from 19th century Japan and Vincent Van Gogh alive using displays that combine visual art, sound and digital technology to make your favorite pieces come alive, for an unmatched art exploring adventure.

Where? The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

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