Travel To Oman From Abu Dhabi With The Etihad And Oman Rail!

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi and Oman are linking with the new Oman Rail and the Etihad Rail joint network! Passengers will be able to travel to Oman from Abu Dhabi.

WAM announced the joint venture between the Oman Rail and the Etihad Rail

Additionally, Oman News Agency released a statement:

“With investments amounting to about OMR 1,160,000,000. “Oman Rail” and “Etihad Rail” are establishing a joint company to implement and operate a railway network linking Sohar Port with the UAE national railway network.”

Moreover, this joint railway network gives passengers the ability to travel to Oman from Abu Dhabi

The passenger train speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour. It also travels the distance between Sohar and Abu Dhabi in 100 minutes. Plus, the journey between Sohar and Al Ain would be 47 minutes. While the speed of the freight train reaches 120 kilometers per hour.

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Look at the Etihad Rail go! Etihad Rail connected the railway freight terminal at the ICAD and the UAE National Rail Network.

Etihad Rail connected Abu Dhabi to the UAE National Rail Network!

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