UAE Residents Are Complaining Of Throat Infections & Bad Sinuses As A Result Of The Sandstorm


With heavy dust and sand storms sweeping across the UAE, you may want to HOLD OFF on your car wash plans for another week.

The latest in a series of sandstorms to hit the Emirates is the result of a storm that took place over the Sea of Oman and is now blanketing various Gulf regions.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) sent out an alert warning residents of the hazardous weather conditions that will persist for the next couple of days.

UAE residents are complaining of extreme discomfort amid massive plumes of dust and sand, which reduced visibility to less than 100m in some areas

Fatima_talks complained of,

Breathing problems, I’m coughing a lot. & in roads, visibility reduced a lot.

Metabeal expressed that his “sinuses are back”.

Tetemelaro added that she’s suffering from,

Asthma, runny nose and short breath

as a result of the harsh weather conditions.

Please take the following safety precautions to protect yourself from the extreme air pollution:

  • Wear a mask outdoors
  • Close the windows in your home
  • Run an air purifier at home
  • Avoid exercising outdoors

Currently, the air pollution level in Dubai is being considered “Very Unhealthy” by the live AQI index.

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