This Video Creator Captured Abu Dhabi In A Spectacular Perspective!

Mayar Ibrahim

Abu Dhabi is a glorious city. As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi should be portrayed in all its beauty. That’s exactly what this video creator, Duncan Evans did!

In collaboration with Destination Abu Dhabi, Duncan Evans put his skills as a video creator to the test

Duncan Evans captured 10 different hot spots of Abu Dhabi in a whole new perspective. From start to finish, here is Duncan Evans’s process at the different locations!

10. Duncan Evans created a buzzing perspective at the Al Bahr Towers

9. He turned the Al Ibrahimi Building into a delish popsicle!

8. This video creator also transformed the Aldar Headquarters Building into a fab pair of shades

7. In this spectacular perspective, Duncan looks like he’s about to throw an Etihad plane into the air!

6. What’s up Doc? This video creator curated a whole image with the legendary Bugs Bunny at Warner Bros. World

5. It’s all about the thrill of the race at the Yas Marina Circuit

4. Yas Waterworld is all about making a splash

3. This video creator also experienced the speed and thrill of Ferrari World

2. You know the Leaning Tower of Pisa, now it’s time to know the leaning Capital Gate Building of Abu Dhabi!

1. Beach umbrella? NOPE! Paper parasol at Abu Dhabi Beach it is 

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