Disturbing Updates On Abu Ghaleb Ferry Accident: “The Driver Saved Us”

Raghad Khaled

Disturbing Updates On Abu Ghaleb Ferry Accident: “The Driver Saved Us”

Yesterday, social media was flooded with the news of the devastating story of a microbus that fell from the “Abu Ghaleb Ferry” under mysterious circumstances.

After the nile rescue team managed to extract the young girls’ bodies, new information regarding the causes of the accidents came to light.

One of the survivors, Mayada Ramadan, told Cairo24 that they were waiting to cross on the ferry, and suddenly another group of men on the ferry started harassing a woman and allegedly pulled her head scarf.

After the woman told them off, another eyewitness said the perpetrator slapped the woman, leading the driver to exit the microbus, and get into a physical altercation with the perpetrators.

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According to Mayada, the microbus driver told the perpetrator “i asked you politely to stop, we’re not seeking any troubles.” to which the group reponded to with escalation.

After the driver exited the microbus for the second time, friends of the perpetrator started pushing the microbus during the fight, causing it to fall in amidst the screams of the young girls.

Mayada explained that as the car began to fall into the river, she jumped out, while hearing her sister screams for help.

She recalled that the driver heroically and unhesitantly jumped in, in attempts to save as many girls as possible, and he successfully managed to rescue 7 girls from drowning.

Search rescues are still searching for the remaining bodies:

The efforts of river rescue team presists to search for the body of the student Jana, the last victim of the Abu Ghaleb ferry accident, for the third day in a row, amid prayers from the people for the finding of the 16th victim of the horrific accident.

Jana, finished her exams a few days ago, and went with her friends to work in the grape packaging stations in Giza, where she would go out every morning at six o’clock to ride the work car and return before the afternoon, but as fate would have it, she died a martyr for work.

The heroic driver’s fate:

The investigative authorities of Giza Directorate decided to imprison the driver for 4 days pending investigations and was charged with manslaughter. 

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