Shark Attack In Dahab Leaves An Egyptian Woman Injured

Raghad Khaled

Shark Attack In Dahab’s Lagoona Beach:

Yesterday night, The Ministry of Environment announced the closure of some Dahab beaches after a vicious shark attack left an Egyptian woman with her left arm amputated.

While a woman was swimming in Dahab’s renowned beach Lagoona, she was surprised to find a shark circulating around her.

The woman was only rescued after people at the shore heard her scream for help.

The brutal attack left the woman with her left arm amputated.

The victim was quickly taken to Dahab’s Central Hospital but the doctors stressed the necessity of transferring her to Sharm El Sheikh’s International Hospital due to the urgent need for surgery.

Rumors say some people already warned vacationers of a shark presence in the water, but people ignored it thinking it was a “Tuna Fish”

It’s important to note that the shark that attacked the woman in Dahab yesterday is a Tiger shark, a shark of the same kind that attacked the Russian tourist in Hurghada a few months back.

The Ministry of Environment’s Decisions:

After the attack, the Ministry issued a decision to close the beach where it attacked the woman.

Minister of Environment, Yasmin Fouad, quickly directed a group of nature reserve workers in South Sinai to form an urgent committee to assess the situation and understand the reason behind the attack.

It’s also worth mentioning that after the shark attack in Hurghada which left a Russian tourist viciously dead, the ministry started installing shark-detecting sensors in order to monitor their behaviors, movement, and the recurrence of the attacks.

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