3 Eid Movies You MUST Have On Your Bucket List

Malak Nazir

Your ultimate Eid movie guide is here…

Eid El Adha is around the corner, and it’s officially MOVIE TIME! Buckle up for the hottest ticket in town—your cinema seat! Here’s what’s lighting up the big screen this Eid:

3. Esabet El Max

Get set for a wild ride with Ahmed Fahmy as the notorious gang leader El Maxeeky in “Esabet El Max.” Packed with stars like Ruby and Ahmed El Sakka, and directed by the skilled Hossam Soliman, this flick promises non-stop action and drama. Popcorn mandatory!

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2. El Le’b Ma’ El Eyal

Ready to laugh out loud? “El Le’b Ma’ El Eyal” brings Mohamed Adel Imam front and center in this laugh riot. With a supporting cast that includes Asmaa Jalal and Bassem Samra, this movie, directed by the renowned Sherif Arafa, is all set to tickle your funny bone.

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1. Awlad Rizk 3

Brace yourself for the thrill ride of “Awlad Rizk 3.” Join the Rizk brothers as they navigate through heart-thumping challenges in this action-packed saga. With a cast that includes Ahmed Ezz, Karim Assem and Amr Youssef, and crafted by the visionary Tariq Al-Erian, it’s a must-watch masterpiece.

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