12 Prominent Events Taking Place In Doha Before The World Cup 2022


You’re impatiently waiting for the World Cup but did you know there’s so much more to look forward to before the historical event kicks off? Here are 12 prominent events you need to take note of before the World Cup 2022

12. Registration for Qatar’s media Portal will close – 30/10/2022


11. New work timings will be implemented for schools and public sector – 01/11/2022

Starting from November 1st until December 19th the number of employees in the government sector will be reduced to 20% and 80% of employees will work remotely, with the working hours being from 7am to 11am

10. The 1st Hayya card holder will enter Qatar – 01/11/2022


9. Darb Lusail Festival begins – 03/11/2022 – 05/11/2022


8. Bollywood Music Festival begins 04/11/2022

7. The first team participating in the World Cup arrives – 07/11/2022

6. Public transport becomes free starting 10/11/2022

5. Katara Cultural Village Events begin 18/11/2022

4. Fifa Fan Fest begins 19/11/2022

3. New Corniche Doha project launch 19/11/2022

2. Mid-year holiday 20/11/2022 – 22/11/2022

1. World Cup Opening 20/11/2022

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