7 Reasons Why The Eid Holiday Cannot Come Soon Enough


We just heard the good news about the extra-lengthy, super amazing break coming our way, and we just CANNOT wait for work to be done with so we can start enjoying it (no offence boss).

Here are our reasons why the Eid Holiday cannot come soon enough…

1. It’s been approximately 56 days since our last official holiday and we think we deserve a break

Screenshot 2016 09 04 At 7 28 07 Pm

2. The temperature is finally starting to cool down and we want to actually enjoy going outside again

Screenshot 2016 09 04 At 7 26 58 Pm

3. Schools have only just started back but we’re already sick of the traffic

Screenshot 2016 09 04 At 6 12 43 Pm

4. We’re over arriving to work absolutely dripping in sweat

Surely by the end of Eid the weather will have cooled a little bit more?

Screenshot 2016 09 04 At 7 31 25 Pm

5. We will finally have time to visit the new IMG Worlds of Adventure park

QUICK…find a kid somewhere so you have an excuse to go. Just joking, no judgement, we’ll see you there.


6. Since the extra-long holiday has been announced, flight prices have seriously escalated…

This is a good thing…bare with us a sec! It’s good because it means that loads of you have booked some fabulous holidays. Lucky sods…


7. For those of you staying in Dubai, you can avail of all the mid-week offers that we usually miss out on

The gentlemen and ladies nights will be PACKED next week. 

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