Here Are 4 Tips For Fighting Your Saturday Night Dread Of Sunday Morning


Everybody knows that feeling.

You probably started getting it back in your school days, that sense of impending doom that you get when you know your weekend ends tonight. It’s even worse when you’re coming back from holidays.

But you don’t have to be a helpless victim to that sinking feeling in your stomach. Using these four steps, you can kick your Sunday night dread’s ass:

1. Focus on something else

It may seem easier said than done, but try not to dwell on that feeling. 

Remember there’s no reason to wallow in that suckiness when you can just as easily be thinking about something else that’s more enjoyable. 

Just let it go, it’s slightly more effective than this method…


2. Finding the source of the dread

Chances are you don’t hate every little thing about work. You’re just hung up on one little detail, maybe you hate waking up exhausted after the weekend or there’s a particular task you don’t like doing.

Combat this by making a proactive decision to alleviate the pressure: go to bed earlier or think of ways to finish that particular hateful task all the quicker. Straightaway it’ll be a weight off your mind.


3. Let yourself off the hook

You need to understand that everybody gets this feeling (case in point, this freakin’ article), so you don’t need to get hung up about it.

It’s just your mind’s natural instinct to set off this alarm the night before starting back at work, but objectively you know there’s nothing to worry about because you go through this every weekend.


4. Promise yourself a Sunday night treat

To help you get through the week’s longest day, you need to guarantee yourself a little treat at the end of it. Maybe it’s a class dinner, maybe it’s a glass of wine (although we wouldn’t judge you if you had the whole bottle), whatever the case, you should know that you don’t need to wait for the weekend for a bit of gratification.

We all need that carrot on a stick to get through the workweek’s least cool day.



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