The Lovin Merch Secret Is Finally Out Of The Bag

Farah Makhlouf

Merch launch alert!

We’ve been working late at the office, having 10-hour-long brainstorming sessions, wracking our brains for ingenious ideas on how to create the perfect merchandise. And after tirelessly working the interns to the bone (jk) we’re ready to share Lovin’s best-kept secret!

This is not a drill, people. The Lovin merchandise is officially for sale and you can buy it now

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So, what’s the merch?

When you’re out, running errands and simply Lovin your life, you have your handy dandy flask to keep your drinks cool. You’ve got your cap to shade you from the sun, your notebook to record your brightest ideas and your hoodie to keep you warm. Anything and everything that’ll remind you that you’re lovin’ life, we’ve got a product for it! T-shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, flasks, mugs, tote bags, beach towels, notebooks, and keychains.

P.S. They make the perfect souvenirs!


Dubai residents are concerned… because the Lovin merch is OUT and they wanna get their hands on it

RUN, don’t walk and get your Lovin merch. Click here to add them goodies to your cart.

Lovin Merch

Why do you want Lovin merch?

You might consider yourself a realist instead of an optimist and that’s okay but Lovin encourages you to look at the bright side and see the cup half full. That’s why Lovin’s slogan is “Lovin’ Life” because it reminds you to find happiness in everyday moments.



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