This New Service Will SURELY Get You To Read A Lot More Books


Some might argue that technology is great because it lets you download books and read them on-the-go, but we think there is something really nice about being able to hold a book in your hand and flip through the pages.

If that sort of thing excites you, then you have to check out Bookish. Note: you don’t have to worry about shelf space.

It is Dubai’s newest book rental service…

This is how it works. You have different monthly plans that you can sign up to (psst…it works out cheaper if you pay for a six-month period). These include options of two books a month or even unlimited books each month. The guys at Bookish then deliver them to you at a time that suits you and you can begin reading. The returns are free as well. 

They have books for everyone…

You can choose from adult fiction to non-fiction books and they even have stuff for teens and children. Check out all the books here.


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