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12 Memes That Sum Up What The Heat Has Been Like This Week

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It’s stinking hot – we don’t know if anyone told you yet… 

But yeah, it’s pretty hot. 

So in a failed attempt to chill out, and cheer you up, here are some hilarious memes that are oh-so-relatable right now. 

Anyone stupid enough to brave the outdoors

Boy1 So Hot I Feel Weird Boy2 I Hear You Man Even Your Crotch Is Sweating Boy1 Y Yeah Sweating Boy2 Sniffs Do I Smell Spermies C 3434631

All week long


Ice cream anyone?

9 66309 When Its Summer Again In Dubai

That old predicament


Every time you leave work

9 13849 Walking To Your Car In Dubai During The Summer

And then you get in your car…

Blogspot 425 Dubaisummer2

Especially into the malls

Ro2Hh Oa

But then sometimes it’s too chilly

Blogspot 425 Dubaisummer9

Yup, every day now

Memes Hot Weather 2A 1
2013 Hot Weather Meme
28595094245 5286828805 1

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