This Nifty New Careem Feature Actually Makes So Much Sense!

Careem Quik

You ask… Careem delivers.

In Dubai, we’re ALL about convenience and if you ever dreamt of adding groceries (read: some choccie and an ice lolly!) to go along with your food order, Careem is out here turning those dreams into reality, with a nifty new app feature.

This new addition to Careem orders makes so much sense!

How it works: While you’re waiting for your favourite food to arrive, you can order groceries directly from Quik Groceries in parallel, while your food is prepping.

You can add your entire grocery order! From snacks, bevvies, fruit, to all of your essentials. The store has awesome deals and prices,  and get this… if you order within the first 10 minutes, Careem will waive the delivery fee. INCREDIBLE!


It’s so simple…

  1. Place your restaurant order on Careem Food and after checkout, look for the Quik Groceries pop up that will showcase once your Food order is placed
  2. From the store page, select your favorite drinks, snacks, fruits and any other grocery item you might need
  3. Add them to your cart and check out with no delivery fee if you place the order within 10 minutes. If the timer goes by, you can easily just click and go to Quik Groceries directly and place a separate grocery order
  4. Once you’ve placed your new order on Quik, Careem will try to deliver both of your ongoing orders together

Try it here now!


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