Cold Snap Incoming: UAE Temperature Could Drop To As Little As 4C This Weekend

Cold Snap
Brollies out! A thunderstorm and colder temps are forecast to hit parts of the UAE over the coming days.
This morning, the coldest temperature hit Jais Mountain at 6.30am (8.6C) and that’s likely to drop to 4C over the next three days, according to the Khaleej Times. Thunder, rain, and cloud cover are expected throughout the weekend. In Dubai, residents can expect to feel chillier climes with varied amounts of rain expected countrywide, from light rain to thunderstorms.

Temps at Jais Mountain dropped to 8.6C this morning and they’re expected to drop further still over the next three days

The NCM issued warnings for rough seas and rain ahead

Heavy rain reported this morning in the Al Dhafra region

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