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So Why Do Indians Buy So Much Property In Dubai?

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In a recent report from Betterhomes – a real estate management firm – it was observed that Indians top the list of property buyers in Dubai

The most obvious question arises: Why?

Yes, the Arab Emirati Dirham is pegged to the dollar which serves its stability but according to this source, part of the reason lies in the strong trade and financial partnership between the UAE and India and the other part in the UAE’s attractive laws.

Number one being the amended rule for the Golden Visa

Previously set at an investment of AED 5 million, the limit to obtain a much-desired Golden Visa has now been lowered to AED 2 million. This change will be implemented in September 2022.

Hence, Dubai witnessed a sudden spike in demand for property and the first six months of 2022 saw a 60% increase in residential real estate transactions.

Another reason is the better returns on rental income

As compared to major cities across the world which offer an average rental yield of 2%-3%, Dubai’s average is on the higher end at 7%. With a strictly regulated market, this serves to be a very attractive venture.

And lastly, around 3.5 million Indians reside in the UAE

This demographic is over 38% of the country’s population – making Indians the largest immigrant diaspora of the UAE.


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