The Hottest Day Ever Recorded On Earth Happened On Thursday In Kuwait


While temperatures in Dubai have been averaging around 41°C, a scorching temperature of 54°C was recorded at a weather station in Mitribah, North West Kuwait on Thursday.

So while it may seem like an oven here, be thankful we don’t have it as bad as those sweating it out in Kuwait, or neighbouring Iran, where temperatures of 53.9°C  were recorded on the same day.

The hottest day ever recorded

The temperature is in the running for the hottest day of the year ever recorded. The only competition comes from a  56.7°temperature recorded in California in 1913, however this is wildly disputed by meteorologists who claim the equipment used to record the temp was unreliable and prone to error, according to reports. 

Parts of the UAE reached over 50°C last week

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