UAE Is About To Witness The Beautiful ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse After 172 Years


Prepare to witness beauty in front of your very eyes because, for the first time in 172 years, the UAE will experience the first annular solar eclipse. According to the Dubai Astronomy Group, the moon will pass in front of the sun on December 26, and it will be fully visible to those living in Gharbia or Liwa region of Abu Dhabi, while the rest of the UAE will experience different degrees of a partial eclipse.

Only the edges of the sun will stick out around the moon- hence its name, ‘The Ring of Fire’

The last time this took place in the UAE was in 1847.

This time around, the incredible solar eclipse will stretch from Saudi Arabia all the ways to Indonesia and the Philippines.

The eclipse will last for almost two and a half hours, while the moon will be in front of the sun for 2 minutes, 47 seconds from 7.35 am to  7.38 am

If you’re watching from Liwa, that is.

Oh, lucky Abu Dhabi peeps.

For more information, visit Dubai Astronomy’s official website. 


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