LISTEN: The Founder of The Advisor Discusses What Dubai Residents Should Look Forward To In 2021

On this week’s episode of Dubai Works for Smashi TV, we interview Peter Zijlmans, the Founder of Community Advisor, a community social network, on how his company came about, community apps and the trends that surround it, as well as the outlook at 2021 and future plans.

Zijlmans has been in the Oil and Gas industry for more than 13 years in Dubai, even holding the position as a General Manager for a multinational organisation. Following the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, he then decided to leave his previous role to start Community Advisor.

What is the Community Advisor?

It’s an innovative app/ social platform that allows for discussions and connections to be made; wether that’s for individuals, communities and businesses. It has forums, trade on the local marketplace, activity planning and is a source for discounted/recommended services all under one digital space.

Hear Pieter’s insights on the community, trends and 2021 in Dubai

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