10 Things That Make This Lebanese Restaurant In JLT Ideal When Hunger Strikes


Lebanese food is delicious and pretty healthy which makes it a go-to option when hunger strikes. You agree? Options are plenty in Dubai so it’s not about finding a place, it’s more about finding the best place. We were on a serious search, but that ended the minute we found this gem in Cluster Y in JLT. 

Here are 10 reasons why you will love it when hunger strikes:

1. There’s so much to choose from

Soups, salads, hot and cold mezza, sandwiches, chicken and meat dishes and dessert to finish the meal.

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2. It’s as authentic as it can get

Lebanese classics grace the menu. You know kebbe, warak enab, kafta? You’ll definitely get it here.


3. It serves stuff that’s good for you

If you’re trying to eat clean, chances are you’ll lock yourself up at home and whip up something in your kitchen because you fear the stuff coming out of commercial kitchens. But here it’s a different story. Firstly, all ingredients are fresh – frozen products don’t have a place on their shelves – and they’re sourced from local farms. With that they create tons of healthy dishes. You know the stuff made with good oils, grilled to perfection, with lots of greens…Let’s just say they make ‘eating clean’ easy.

Pic5 Mezza

4. If you’re a vegetarian…

You’ll love this place because they’re big on two things: variety and taste. You’ll be spoiled for choice. Plus, dishes are big on flavour – be it the falafel, batata harra, baba ghanouj or even mutabal. Don’t be surprised at becoming your firm fave for veggie food.

Pic4 Moutabal Hummus

5. If you’re a vegan…

Usually, being a vegan means you and your mates will be dining at different eateries. Isn’t that the case because you don’t get vegan stuff at the place they choose and vice versa? What if we told you this place caters to both? And we’re talking enough options to ensure the tummy doesn’t rumble for hours to follow.

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6. If you want a home cooked meal…

Your search ends here. Expect delicious food in the form of a soup, salad, main course and drink for only AED 45. 

7. The chicken is the star here

If there was a contest for chicken, the one here would take the crown. Bet you’ve tasted nothing like this before. It’s marinated to perfection and rich in flavour. 

Pic7 Chicken Shawarma

8. You won’t need to empty your pockets for this meal

You’re served generous portions at affordable prices. Let’s just say a meal for two costs AED 100.

9. If you don’t want to dine-in…

These guys will bring the food to you. They deliver* and cater for events and parties. And if you’re driving past, you can get a takeaway too.

If you stay in JLT, delivery is free of charge. Keep that in mind if you’re planning to move house.


10. Everything is made in house…

Founder Elias Nahas is particular about every dish being made using family recipes and is cooked as if it’s being cooked for the family. They’ve been in business since 1990, so you know with each passing year they have just gotten better and better at their game.


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