Drift And Drive Going To These Driving Schools

Driving Schools In Islamabad

Want to have a driving license and learn to get behind the wheels? Enroll yourself in these driving schools and cruise in the twin city.

Driving is SUPER important in a city like Islamabad! Despite having decent public transport and car-sharing apps, it can get quite expensive, but when you have your own transport life is SO MUCH easier.

Shaheen Driving School

You can learn to drive in Islamabad with the guidance of highly qualified instructors at this AWESOME school. They provide classes for both men and women who want to learn to drive. The fantastic school delivers training programs that successfully teach you contemporary driving methods and the traffic rules you must follow when going to the twin cities.

King Driving School

Since its inception in 1996, they’ve has trained thousands of drivers. At the moment, they offer different courses for sedans and hatchbacks and manual and automatic transmissions. These programs are broken down into theoretical and physical training sessions that help students become skilled drivers.

Iqra School

Students at this institute receive instruction from skilled and experienced instructors who teach them how to drive vehicles suitably equipped with safety features. The Institute offers various training courses based on vehicle type, whether you want to drive a tiny hatchback or a large truck.

Islamabad driving school

They provide theoretical and physical training sessions. After completing a driving test that simulates many real-life scenarios, only then will they recognize you as a qualified driver. Like other well-known driving schools in Islamabad, this institute will assist you with obtaining a permanent driver’s license.

Islamabad Traffic Police

You can also enroll at the Islamabad Traffic Police, the capital city’s Traffic Police Authority. This is the place to go since you won’t have to deal with any problems getting your driver’s license. The Islamabad Traffic Police provides a variety of motor training programs for various vehicle kinds.

Get into these schools, grab your license and step on the accelerator of your drive.

Speaking about driving licenses, do check out some places you could plan to possibly drive to on your own once you get your license


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