Dengue Fever Cases Reported Are On The Rise In ISLOO

Dengue Islamabad on the rise

The dengue fever is uprising and has caused two deaths in a few days. Dengue fever cases in the capital city have risen. There has been an increase in fever infections in the federal capital, with 17 new cases recorded in the previous 24 hours.

Where has Dengue fever been RECORDED so far?

According to a paper on dengue virus infections in Islamabad, 14 instances of the viral disease were recorded in rural parts of the federal capital territory and three cases in urban areas. The dengue virus has claimed two lives in Islamabad thus far. Both of them are from Ghauri Town.

Stay indoors, use mosquitoes repelling lotions and avoid places with still water. Prevent yourself from the dengue and be safe!

According to reports, the administration’s delay in spraying led to an increase in cases. Sixty-one cases of hemorrhagic fever were recorded from Holy Family Hospital, twenty from Benazir Bhutto Hospital, and one from the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

Ninety-four cases have been documented thus far in the current season. The virus cases have been detected in 67 rural regions and 27 urban areas of Islamabad.

Three instances of dengue fever were recorded at DHQ hospital Rawalpindi, four cases at private hospitals, two patients at Shifa International, and one case at Quaid-e-Azam hospital.

How do you stay safe from Dengue?

Try to protect yourself against mosquito bites. Keep windows and doors of your homes shut to any entering of the mosquito. Try to cover still water as it produces mosquitos. Avoid visiting the areas prone to mosquitoes. Say safe, stay healthy and Take care!

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