Feeding Stray Animals Will Result In Fines In Dubai


The prohibition against feeding stray animals in Dubai has been put into effect as of August 27, 2020. Dubai Municipality issued a notice to all residents and visitors that feeding strays will result in legal actions being taken.

While most followed that law, many do not know the reason why

This Local Order does not only apply to stray dogs and cats, it also includes crows and pigeons. While dogs are least commonly found in the streets of Dubai, the feeding of all these animals are prohibited.

The reason for this as stated by Dubai Municipality is that providing food and water for these animals will create a favourable environment for them to remain, breed, and grow as a population.

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reproduction and spreading of birds and stray animals (will) threat the public health and safety and transmitting diseases

The notice states.

If an individual is caught while feeding a stray animal in Dubai, they may face a fine of AED500

There are animal rescuers with local shelters and fostering programmes that remove the cats and dogs off the streets

Upon rescuing the animals, they vaccinate, neuter or spay, medicate them if necessary and find appropriate temporary or permanent homes for them.

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