Greek Maestro Yanni Has Arrived At The Kingdom And Already Learnt A Few Arabic Words


Greek maestro Yanni has officially arrived to Saudi on Tuesday and was warmly welcomed by the media and his fans on Twitter. The singer took to his social media accounts to express his excitement for his performances that will take place on November 30th and December 3 &4. 

Yanni expressed his gratitude for his fans in Saudi Arabia for their eagerness to see him perform 

He posted this video days before his flight to KSA.

“We are going to be experiencing history in the making and I would not miss it for anything in the world! First stop Jeddah!”

The musician announced that the first part of his trip will end in Dubai but that he would fly to Jeddah from there. His daughter joined in on the trip too, and he showed enthusiasm over her presence there.


He made sure to update us (very excited fans) every step of the way 

Even tweeting a photo of him and his daughter on the plane.

And voila, the legend arrived in Jeddah at 1am and was already practicing his Arabic skills with a few people from the media 

How exciting!

Welcome to Saudi Arabia, Yanni 

We love you

Deets for his concerts 

  • Thu, Nov 30 (2017) Makkah province 
  • Fri, Dec 1 Makkah Province 
  • Sun, Dec 3 Riyadh 
  • Mon, Dec 4 Riyadh 

For tickets and location inquiries, click here.


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