5 Must-Visit Iftar Spots To Enjoy This Ramadan In Jeddah

Hera Shabbir

Ramadan in Jeddah is a flavor-packed adventure! From sizzling street food stalls to lavish hotel buffets, there’s always a little something for everyone this holy month. Scroll down below to get the ultimate list of 5 places you should definitely be trying out this Ramadan. From a pricey hotel experience to the most budget-friendly find, the city has got a little something for everyone, so take a look!

5. Enjoy a fancy moment at Rosewood Jeddah


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Rosewood is here to bring your Ramadan aesthetic to life with their gorgeous setup and delicious menu. This spot also takes you on a journey throughout Saudi’s heritage with their Bab Al Balad buffet, which actually rotates eight different menus throughout Ramadan, giving you something different each time! This spot is perfect to bring along the crew, so reserve that table ASAP!

4. Dine with the sunset at Shababik Restaurant’s delicious Iftar


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This spot is another popular fav to enjoy an authentic Lebanese Iftar that will definitely fill you right up. Shababik will definitely fill you right up so make sure you enjoy some of their lemon-mint to digest all that yumminess you rewarded yourself with for Iftar!

3. Enjoy 30 days of buffet delights at Marina Petit Cafe


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Marina Petit Café is bringing you a selected menu for all thirty days of the month and each one will be better than the next! The 230 SAR open buffet will fill you right up after a long day of fasting, and that too with a smile! Make sure you keep this spot to try at least once this month for a truly rewarding moment.

2. Enjoy a wholesome Iftar for under 25 SAR at Zaatar w Zeit


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Zaatar w Zeit is bringing you the best little bundle for both suhoor and Iftar! If you’re not a morning person and can’t commit going out for Suhoor, then head on over to this spot to grab a budget-friendly Iftar of 2 Cheese Sambousek, 1 Lentil Soup, and a Mini Fattoush for just 23 SAR! Their delights will fill you up just the right amount before prayer, so you can enjoy a hearty meal after Taraweeh!

1. Enjoy a feast of champions at Alamin Restaurant for under 60 SAR


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Alamin Jeddah is bringing you the ultimate Ramadan feast that you’ve probably been dreaming about all day. Everything from noodles, rice, butter chicken, fruit chaat, tikkas, and much more will be ready to eat at this yummy spot. So head on over to this resto to enjoy the Ramadan feast you truly deserve after your day of fasting!


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