All The Big Changes That Happened For Saudi Women Last Year


2018 saw so many changes in Saudi, but for women, things didn’t just change it was almost like a paradigm shift. Here are the momentous things Saudi women were allowed to do that really show you why 2018 was a landmark year.

1. Enter Stadiums

Last year kicked off with the women being allowed into a football stadium to watch a match for the very first time. It started with a local league match in Jeddah, but by the end of the year, almost all major cities in Saudi allowed women into the stadiums.

2. Driving

Women weren’t just allowed to drive cars, they were also allowed to drive bikes, vans and even trucks. There was so much written about this in the international press as well so let’s just leave it as it is.

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3. Join The Military

Applications were accepted for the first time in various posts in the military.

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4. Take Flying Lessons

While the kingdom is home to several aviation schools it was only in 2018 that they started taking female students.

5. Open A Business Without A Guardian’s Permission

This was a move that didn’t get much attention but was significant nonetheless.


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