KS Relief Announces $40 Million In Aid To Cash Starved UNRWA


Many countries have suspended aid to UNRWA after allegations were levelled against it by Israel. UNRWA, by the way, is a UN agency dedicated to supporting the relief and human development of Palestinian refugees. Several countries have resumed funding after a UNRWA report accused Israel of torturing some of its employees, coercing them into making false confessions about the agency.
UNRWA has made repeated pleas for help, as they are well short of funds to provide much-needed aid in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KS Relief) has stepped up and pledged an extra $40 million to the UN Palestinian refugee agency.

In the past, Saudi Arabia has chipped in $2 million to the UN agency in October, and KSrelief pitched in another $15 million back in November.

UNRWA’s a big deal in Gaza, managing shelters and making sure nearly two million people have food and healthcare, according to their website. But things are getting pretty dire up north in Gaza, with a UN-backed report warning about the looming threat of famine.
While Canada, Australia, Sweden, and a few Gulf countries have been stepping up with more funding for UNRWA, it still might not be enough to make up for the aid shortage that Gaza desperately needs now.

Oh, and by the way, KS Relief’s nationwide fundraising drive for Gaza gas has raised close to SR675 million—this makes it the largest drive of its kind in the country.


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