These Concerts Are Perfect To Complete Your National Day Celebrations In Jeddah

Hera Shabbir

National day is coming up in a few days and you need to start planning from now to make every second count!

Although Jeddah has a LOT in store when it comes to celebrations like fireworks, discounts, events, and more, concerts are just one of those activities that get you in the ultimate positive mood. You get to sing along with your favorite artists, while rocking the best green and white outfit. Not to mention, some really cool Saudi National Day merch like sunglasses, hats, and even the flag! Gear up, and head over to these concerts happening in Jeddah.

Angham and Ahmed Saad are coming to Jeddah on September 24!

The famous artsts are set to make their debut at the Punch Mark, at the Jeddah Theatre! So enjoy some fireworks at the Jeddah corniche, and then head on over to this lit concert the next day! It will be the perfect end to an eventful weekend. Grab your tickets here, before they get sold out!

Read more to find out concerts happening in Riyadh, Sharqiyah, AlUla and other cities in the Kingdom.


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