6 INCREDIBLE Italian Restaurants In Jeddah That Are Sure To Be Your New Fave


Italian food is one of the more prominent cuisines of choice to most, and it’s no surprise why.

The Italian cuisine is admired by all for its use of rich ingredients, fresh vegetables and a simple approach to most of its local dishes that still have that touch of pizzaz (if you will.)

We don’t know anyone who could say they’ve yet to try either pizza or pasta and that’s probably because… it’s PIZZA and PASTA!

If you live in Jeddah and want to check out some of the Italian restos worthy of your time, then keep on reading.

1. IL Gabbiano Italian Restaurant

Il Gabbiano is often that first choice for married couples in the Kingdom. Its atmosphere is often praised as having a ‘romantic’ type of feel, adding in the rustic Italian decor and the scent of their linguinis and boom- you’ve got that Lady, and the Tramp feels.

It’s an excellent choice for birthday dinners, surprise events, business lunch meetings and any other special occasion.

Must-try: Steak with pepper and chicken alfredo fettucine

Location: Corniche Road

2. Piatto

Piatto is the perfect representation of what Italian dishes should be, where one can taste every ingredient, each for their unique flavour.

The restaurant doesn’t try to overdo the cultivation of its Italian-ness using different ingredients. Not to mention, we love the fact that they hand out complimentary salads.

Yes, please.

Must-try: The salad and their risotto

Location: Etoile Center, King Abdulaziz Road

3. Pizza Lenuo

The best fettucine in the Kingdom must be tried at Pizza Lenuo in Jeddah. One not to miss.

Must-try: fettucine with white sauce and shrimp

Location: Al-Hamrah District

4. Il Castello Restaurant

Il Castello is great for lunchtime, a hidden gem located in Jeddah’s Sharafiyah District. There’s a great daily lunch offer, often with two main dishes to choose from.

Must-try: Grilled steak with pepper sauce & Lasagna

Location: 2554 Assad Allah, Ash Sharafiyah District

5. Aldente Ristorante

Aldente’s got that old-feel, cozy atmosphere that makes it a recurring food spot for most Jeddawis.

Must-try: Three-colored fettucine & tagliolini gratinati

Location: Sari Street (Prince Sultan Street)

6. Nino

A mainstream choice for Italian-food lovers in the region is Nino.

Must-try: buffalo shrimp, saffron risotto

Location: Falstin St, شارع فلسطين (حي الحمراء, Al Hamra Dist

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