6 Of The Greatest Local Spots To Get Your Hands On Some DELICIOUS Chai Karak


Karak lovers everywhere, I’m sure you have your favorite cafeteria wherein you order your SAR2 cup and you’re good to go.

But nowadays, karak has become such a staple part of the Khaleeji culture that there are now local hotspots all around the Kingdom that serve it.

And serve it they do…

Check out these 6 extravagant spots for a new karak experience where you get to lounge and chill with your peeps.

1. Kooz Karak, Jeddah

Kooz Karak in Jeddah is a renowned go-to for residents living there mainly due to the combo of chapatti that they serve along with the chai. Moderately-priced and a great location.

Make sure you try out their cheese wrap along with that warm cuppa.

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal Street

2. Karak Gholam, Riyadh

You’ve had one karak, you’ve had them all.

So how ’bout trying out an iced version? Karak Gholam offers iced karak as well as the best desserts, like the rose faloodah that costs between SAR 8-10.

Location: The Boulevard

3. Karak Time, Dhahran

Karak with cornflakes on top?

Oh yeahhhh

Location: Click here.

4. Karak & Waffle, Jeddah

The greatest side dish to have with your karak would be anything sweet or savoury.

In this case, this little gem in Jeddah is beloved for their waffles. Their karaks have an added flair to them too, like a ginger & pistachio sauce flavored one.

For location and more info contact, +966 59 789 2926

5. Anter, Khobar

This adorable tea shop in Khobar is a cafeteria and a tea room all in one.

Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd

6. Karak Fayrouz Café, Riyadh

Must-try: Their best-selling s’mores along with that cup of karak.


Location: Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al-Awwal Rd(King Abdullah Rd)

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