7 Of The Best Cheese Smothered Fries In Jeddah Right Now


Loaded fries have long gone from being sides to becoming a full meal in and of themselves.

Here in Jeddah, we unconditionally love cheese on just about anything and these places serving cheesy fries are using it generously hankering our cheese and potato needs.

The city has no shortage of dining restaurants serving just fries. Bring on the carbs!

Century Burger

You may want to give their delectable burgers a miss for their fries. The cheesy fries come loaded with few pieces of savory meat that gives it a distinctive taste. The potato and cheese combo here is one of the best if not the best in Jeddah.

New York Fries

This is a French fry haven. Dive into those delicious layers of cheddar, seasoning and gravy as you take drool-worthy photos for your social media feeds.

P.S. their ‘imli’ (tamarind) flavored cheese fries are out of this world.

Johnny Rockets

Chili cheese fries are found just about everywhere nowadays but what makes the ones at Johnny Rockets special is that the fries have just the right amount of spice that will give you the zesty taste but at the same time won’t leave you hankering for sugar to cool your palate afterward.

Joppie Fries

Despite being fairly new Joppie Fries has got its marketing and taste just right giving it ample publicity causing huge queues outside. Fries here aren’t just plate fillers that come with your burger, fries are a whole meal. The fried chicken tenders that are served with the fries are just as good.

Deep Fries

If you’re longing for crispy, cheesy and flavorful delightfulness then this just what you need. Those pieces of chicken in between the cheese-smothered fries make for an amazing mixture.

Shake Shack

Taste bud-electrifying – these fries are like a dream. These loaded fries are the very definition of decadence. They carry a classic look and are not greasy. You’ll probably want to return here just for the fries if not the burgers.

Cafe Aroma

Their chili cheese fries are drenched in a savory gravy. You’ll either love them beyond measure or will prefer having any other fries on this list than the this one.


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