The Curious Case Of The Burger And The Lobster


Some time ago in London, a group of Russian restaurant owners were looking for a new concept to follow on from their Goodman steakhouse. 

They came up with an idea of selling only Burgers and Lobster at the restaurant. They ran this concept by their already existing talented restaurant team, who liked the idea. They then started talking about ideas for the restaurant, but that became a problem.

‘What will we call this place?’

Name? Burger and Lobster. No, whats the name of the restaurant?

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Ok, what will we have for starters? Nothing. 

What about desserts? None. 

Hmm, what about restaurant atmosphere, will there be music? No music. 

In the end, there was some music and sweets, but five years later there were still the same 3 items on the menu at Burger & Lobster. The concept took off, it was a big hit in London and expanded to New York etc.. Burger & Lobster opened in Dubai in 2015. 

What convinced the Russians to have more than 3 arguments, was back in 2011, there was only one iPhone. Now there are 7, different sizes and lots of iPads aswell. So, the Russian’s argument, of ‘look, one iPhone, people don’t need choice’, no longer suffices. 

Finally, after 5 years there are new items added to the Burger & Lobster Menu

The new menu characters should keep you on your toes, with The Frenchman, The California Roll and The 7 Samurai all flying in. I went for the beast, which included both Lobster & Burger, yet, maybe because I prefer fish, but I would recommend the Lobster over the Burger. The food is as good as it looks, it’s not fine dining, but it’s definitely a treat night out. 

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2016 09 20 18 38 59
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6 things you learn in 5 years of working at Burger & Lobster

One of the original chefs is Canadian man John Kadyu. He was in Dubai recently to launch the new menu. If there is any chef who knows more about Lobster in the world, we challenge you to find him and comment below. 

John learned a few things about Lobster, here are 5 quick facts

  1. All the Lobster that Burger & Lobster sell in a year is purchased at the same time, 500 tanners in Canada
  2. They have built a water tank to keep the lobsters alive in fresh water in Canada
  3. They built lobster tanks in each restaurant, he shows us the one in Dubai, where the lobsters are still alive in the fresh water
  4. They don’t week the lobster, as that would cause bacteria, but they can survive for a year or so 
  5. One of the tanks in the Jeddah restaurant got infected by a chemical in the restaurant, and 500 pounds of Lobster was ruined
  6. The price of lobster has doubled since they opened the brand five years ago, this is due to the rise in demand from China, where the color red is said to be lucky as is, you guessed it, digesting red food

This is inside the kitchen of Burger & Lobster Dubai, where they have their own Lobster tank

2016 09 20 18 38 48
2016 09 20 18 38 42

The sweets & cocktails are so good, they should have an offshoot concept, just called… well.. Sweets & Cocktails. 

2016 09 20 18 38 45
Screenshot 2016 10 09 15 59 34

The interior is pretty slick as well.. 

Screenshot 2016 10 09 15 58 55
Screenshot 2016 10 09 15 58 44

Burger & Lobster Dubai is based in Burj Daman Building, DIFC…

It’s open from 12 to 12 Sunday to Thursday and until 2am on Friday and Saturday. It’s priced mid range, a main course and a drink will set you back around 200 AED. 


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