Jeddahwis! These Are The ULTIMATE Ramadan Tents You Need To Be Hitting Up


Homemade food is always the way to go when it comes to family time, and a warm-hearted meal made by the elders are second to none. But Saudis have another past time during the Holy Month of Ramadan, that has since become somewhat of a tradition.

Now and then, heading out to a majlis or a tent to TRULY feast- is an experience all on its own.

And why not?

You get unlimited options for dishes- every la7am (meat) and rice dishes imaginable, the dessert section piles up like a fortress of dreams (except with luqaymat), AND it doesn’t even have to break the bank.

Such is the case with the FABULOUS iftar and suhoor options at the Hilton in Jeddah.

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The seaside views make for the perfect backdrop to your pre-iftar selfies

YESSSS, dahling.

But the FOOD at this buffet truly takes things up a notch

Let these photos speak for themselves, and that’s just the dessert section.

There are THREE stations for the sweets, in fact. These stations include one for Arabic sweets, international baked goods and an ice-cream station- that kiddos will go gaga over.

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Dishes include traditional international, Saudi and Arabic cuisine

Don’t worry, there will be plenty kabsa and pastas to go around. Whichever you fancy.

There are THREE tents to choose from for singles and families

The schedule is as follows:


Al Qasr Ballroom, at the Jeddah Hilton, will be hosting an iftar & suhoor from 7-9pm, and 12.30am-3.30am.


Al Safrina restaurant, will host iftars and suhoors from 7-9pm, and 12.30am-3.30am.

Families & Singles:

Mata’am Al Sharq & Aromi iftar from 7-9pm

To book, contact 9200 03800. Extension numbers are as follows 3571 or 3572.

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